Electrical emergencies happen at the most inconvenient time. They don’t care if you are in the middle of an important business deal or your most deserved rest during the weekend. Imagine your AC shutting down when you’re about to hit the bed after a long day in the office. A total disaster, right?

We at Minneapolis Electrician Squad care for your comfort, safety, and convenience. Our team understands the importance of having a stable electrical system to ensure everything is at its best performance. Speak to us about an electric service that you need avoid short circuit issues, breaker trips, etc.picture of a professional electrician while installing plug sockets

Since an electrical problem can happen at any time, we made sure that you have someone to call when you encounter one. Minneapolis Electrician Squad offers 24/7 electrical services. Residents and business owners in Minneapolis, St Paul, Twin Cities Metro area, Minnesota, and other surrounding cities, call our friendly and certified electricians for their electrical needs. They know we are not just reliable when it comes to knob and tube upgrades, lighting installations, panel repairs, etc.; our team is available at any time of the day or any part of the week.

Our customers in the twin cities metro and the surrounding areas choose us over other companies because they know that our Minneapolis electricians are not just skilled but professional, licensed, insured, experienced, and friendly. They handle multiple troubleshooting excellently, so you can trust that any electrical job or repair project will be done efficiently and quickly.

On the other hand, the cost is never a problem as our electrical services come at reasonable prices. You can give us a service call regarding your panel at home or wiring job at work without worrying about going over your budget. Our previous and current clients can vouch for how affordable our residential electrical services are. Minneapolis Electrician Squad can resolve your wiring problems, work on your light installation concerns and grant you repair services without breaking your wallet.

Our long years of service to the people of Minneapolis, MN, built our reputation and sharpened our skills to become pros when it comes to electrical work and projects. If you need someone to install a panel in your new house or repair faulty wiring in your commercial property, look no further and call our licensed, insured, and round-the-clock electrician.

Minneapolis, Twin Cities Metro Area, and Saint Paul, Minnesota indeed have a handful of electric professionals to take care of your electrical needs. But why bother looking when you can call us directly for an emergency electrical service request. The safety of our clients is our utmost priority, so keep your house and commercial property safe from any electric issue. Visit our local office near you or call our electricians immediately.

We promise to get the job done in no time. Work with a 24/7 electric company in Minneapolis, MN. Call us today, and let’s start working on your outlets, switches, and breakers. We’ve got you covered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including special holidays.

Minneapolis Electrician Squad Services

Our team has been untiringly and proudly serving twin cities metro area, Minneapolis, St Paul, MN, and other areas for decades. We have worked so hard to build a good reputation and stand out from the rest of the residential electrical companies.

When clients call us for electrical repairs or wiring installation requests, they are assured that a licensed and professional electrician will be arriving shortly to provide an emergency service. Our customer’s electric needs are our first priority, and we will never leave your property without getting the job done.

It’s understandable if you’re unsure if what you are dealing with is an electric emergency. But whenever you are in doubt, call our professional electricians to check everything for you. Remember that safety should always be your first priority. Choose a better option, call our reliable and friendly experts for emergency service.

A minor or simple electric problem can put the safety of your house at risk. It can cause severe damage to your house if ignored and left unaddressed. But worry no more, Minneapolis Electrician Squad offers various emergency electrical services to cover all your needs. We are available round the clock to give all customers in the area a helping hand.

Electrical Repair and Replacement

This 2021, when you have a panel, a fan, or a light that needs repair, don’t wait for another week to get them fixed – call for quick electrical service. The more you delay the repair or replacement service, the more it’s costing you money (electric bill) and putting your property in possible danger.

You might not always know that a repair service is urgently needed until you get into a serious situation. This shouldn’t be the case, as Minneapolis Electrician Squad is here to help you identify electric issues that need immediate attention.

  • Inconsistent Outlet Power – When you see burn marks on your outlet, you have to call an electrical expert to check it. Outlets are the frequent causes of overheating and fire, so make sure you call for an emergency electrical service when you smell smoke or see it melting.
  • Flickering Lighting Bulbs – a poor connection with your circuits can cause your lights to flicker. You may also observe dimming when there are changes in the voltage. Call for quick service to take a look into your connection ASAP.
  • Warm Switches – Overloading is the main reason for this. When your switches get warm, it only means that too many watts are used and traveling to the units. Make sure to schedule a regular inspection service to monitor this. But if you’re dealing with one now, contact us immediately.
  • Tripping Breakers – Like warm switches, breaker trips can be due to overloading. Don’t take chances and contact the team that offers immediate repair service- that’s us.

Electrical Installation

From the installation of your first panel at home to some complicated lighting upgrades, you can count on our reliable and professional electricians to provide you excellent electrical service and finish the work for you. They have delivered thousands of electric work for customers in the Twin Cities Metro Area, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding areas.

May it is a residential or commercial property, Minneapolis Electrician Squad is one call away. We understand the importance of accurate and professional installation as this determines the stability of your electrical system. When you install wiring or a fan, you have to make sure you get to finish the job successfully, and that’s what we do.

We consider your safety; thus, we do every electrical service with accuracy and great care. Residents coming from Twin Cities Metro, St. Paul, MN, and surrounding areas in AZ know that when our electricians take over whatever type of electric service, specifically installation, zero to minimal issues will arise.

Our years of experience serving customers from Saint Paul, MN, and all other areas nearby are just one reason you should contact us for installation service. You can trust us with all your residential upgrades, fan installations, and more. We process same-day appointments, provide free quotes and render super quality installation service every time.

Electrical Inspection

Reaching out to someone professional for your wiring installation and repair service is crucial. But this doesn’t mean the rest, including electrical inspection, should be carried out by yourself. Keep in mind that regular inspection is also vital in keeping a stable electrical system and secured home, night and day.

Minneapolis Electricians Squad has been proudly serving residential and commercial property owners for more than 15 years. We do high-quality inspections, including thorough background checks, identification of possible repairs, and more.

Calling us for an electric inspection service means getting the chance to work with the best local electricians near you and enjoy cost-efficient electrical service. Every customer we have worked with has given us an excellent rating not just because we are good at wiring upgrades but because we keep their systems clear from any risks through regular inspection.

Choose someone who can go the extra mile and not just help you with repairs but everything else. 2021 is a new start for new businesses who want to venture into the same industry as ours but as a wise customer, know what you deserve. Invest in skills, experience, and accessibility – and we all have that.

Electrical Preventive MaintenanceElectrician Squad in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Anything that concerns your electrical system at home or your business property is important. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and avoid frequent delays, you should have preventive measures in place. But can you do this on your own? Absolutely NOT.

Minneapolis Electrician Squad is equipped with all the advanced tools in predicting and assessing possible risks in your electrical system at home or work. We do not just handle any electrical work without any strategic plan. Our team comes to your property prepared with all the needed tools to identify potential electric problems and produce a detailed analysis of the required repairs to iron everything.

Our job is to keep your electric system free from any mishaps and help you maintain a safe home. Anyone can just claim that they know how to repair your wiring or get you the electric service you need. Take note that not everyone or any local company has the experience and ability to provide you electrical risk assessment program – but we can.

Emergency Electrical Services

Anything can go wrong with your electric system. A wiring problem can hit you in the middle of the night and shut down your power supply. Imagine the chaos and stress this could bring to you and your family. Are you willing to go through possible electrical problems this 2021?

Breaker trips switch overloads, including power interruptions, are just a few of the emergencies that call for an urgent electric repair service. Waste no time and request our team to do the job for you. We are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to help you and other customers with anything electric.

We do not care if you come from Grand Ave South or Central Ave NE, Minneapolis. Our team of professional and friendly electricians will provide you any type of electric service, including repair, installation, assessment, and a lot more. We are not just experts in emergency cases but also well-versed in preventive measures, monthly check-ups, etc.

Minneapolis Squad offers top-of-the-line and affordable electrical services. This 2021, we are your best partner in emergency situations, even in regular ones. Our team can provide you any type of electric service as our expertise is unquestionable.


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