Conserving Electricity

Besides safety being a big concern for us at The Electrician Squad, another area well feel is very important is the amount of electricity that is being consumed and how it is being made. Conserving Electricity is a fairly big topic and that can be talked about for hours. There are countless way you can […]

Seven Electrical Safety Habits

Here at the Electrician Squad in Miami, Fl besides delivering top quality service, electrical safety is our number one priority. all Electrical work we do is done with the best quality products, neat and clean work indicated a job well done. All work stations are fitted with safety measures and our electricians follow a code […]

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety is a big topic, and an important one at that. At some point of our day, every day of our lives we come in contact with electricity. So familiar are we with it nowadays, we sometimes forget what a huge parts of our work and operations depend on electricity. No doubt it is […]